How to Watch History Channel on Vizio Smart TV

History Channel on Vizio Smart TV

History Channel is a TV channel of A&E Network and it streams the TV shows of discussing the historical events. The History app is the official streaming app to stream the History Channel live streaming and the app needs a TV Provider subscription for sign-in. It also has lots of on-demand TV shows and series for streaming. The app is accessible on most smart TVs. Let’s see how to watch History Channel on the Vizio Smart TV.

History app has popular TV shows like American Pickers, Swamp People, Pawn Stars, Forged in Fire, Ancient Aliens, The Unexplained, American Restoration, and much more. It has some of the best documentaries to watch and it offers closed captions for the content. It can resume the last played content to continue streaming anytime. The History app provides the TV schedule to display the TV channel’s upcoming show timings.

Watch History Channel on Vizio Smart TV

The Vizio Smart TV does not support the History app. You have left with the casting option to stream the History Channel on Vizio Smart TV and you do this with your smartphone as well as PC.

How to Cast History Channel on Vizio Smart TV Using Smartphone

(1). Make sure that the Vizio Smart TV and the smartphone are connected to the same WiFi connection.

(2). Launch the Google Play Store and search for the History app.

(3). Install the History app from the Play Store and open the app on the smartphone.

(4). Log in to the TV provider subscription and click the Cast icon.

(5). Choose the Vizio Smart TV to connect and select the content to stream on the smart TV.

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How to Stream History Channel on Vizio Smart TV Using PC

(1). Connect the PC and Vizio Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

(2). Select the Google Chrome browser to open and visit the History Channel website.

(3). Click the Customize and control Google Chrome (three vertical dots icon).

(4). Select the Cast option and choose the Vizio Smart TV to connect.


(5). Click the Sources drop-down and select the Cast tab to stream the particular tab alone.

(6). Sign in with your TV provider subscription and stream the content on the smart TV.

History is the best app for history lovers, with plenty of documentaries and series for streaming. It has classified the contents into several categories for quicker access. If you have any issues with the History app, do let us know in the comments section below.

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