Hisense Smart TV Remote App: How to Setup and Use

Hisense Smart TV Remote App

Hisense Smart TV is one of the best smart TVs in the world, with many streaming support features. One such feature is the compatibility to connect with the smartphone remote control apps. It can improve the workability of the smart TV in terms of accessing the desired content. The remote control app has a TV settings menu, Turn on/off button, Channels list, and Screen mirroring support for versatile usage. Let’s discuss the Hisense Smart TV Remote App in the below section.

Setup Hisense Smart TV Remote App

Hisense Smart TV has two variants, and the main difference is the Operating system. The Operating Systems of Hisense Smart TV are Android TV OS and Roku TV OS. Before proceeding further, you have to connect the smartphone and the smart TV to the same WiFi network for easy pairing. The remote control app for Hisense Smart TV is available for both Android and iPhone.

Hisense Android TV Remote

Android TV Remote Control app can connect and handle all the Android TV OS. It has a voice assistant for a quick search of the contents. The app has a touchpad, d-pad, keyboard, and play-pause buttons to operate the TV without any trouble. It can also connect with the smart TV through a Bluetooth connection.

(1). Download and install the Android TV Remote Control app from the App Store.

Note: Recently, the Android TV Remote Control app is removed from the Play Store. Instead of that, you can use the Android TV Remote Service app developed by Google LLC.

Android TV Remote Control

(2). Open the Android TV Remote Control or the Android TV Remote Service app on the smartphone.

(3). Select Accept & Continue in the policy and click Continue on the next screen.

Select Accept & Continue - Hisense Smart TV Remote App

(4). Choose Allow to provide access to the Android TV Remote Control app.

(5). Select the Hisense Smart TV from the available devices and enter the PIN code to pair.

(6). Start using the remote app to control the Hisense Smart TV.

Android TV Remote

There is no major difference between the Android TV Remote Control and the Android TV Remote service app. In the Remote service app, you will have extra controls like the Mute button and volume control buttons.

Hisense Smart TV Remote App

Hisense Roku TV Remote

The Roku remote app has not only the remote control feature but also the mirroring option to screencast photos and videos to the TV. It can also download the Channels for the TV, and it streams the Roku channel contents. The app allows personal listening of the TV audio through the smartphone.

(1). Connect your smartphone to the same WiFi network as your Hisense Smart TV.

(2). Install Roku – Official Remote Control App on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Roku Remote app

(3). Launch the Roku Remote app and click Continue in Terms of Service.

(4). Search for Hisense Roku TV and connect to it.

(5). Click the Remote tab and access the smart TV.

Roku TV Remote app to control Hisense Smart TV

Hisense RemoteNOW app

If you have Hisense Smart TVs like the P, Q, R, or S series, you can use the RemoteNOW app developed by Hisense to control your TV. You can install the RemoteNOW app from the Play Store or App Store. You can check the full list of supported models here.

(1). Open the RemoteNOW app on your smartphone. Then, connect your smartphone and Hisense Smart TV to the same WiFi connection.

(2). Tap the TV icon on the RemoteNOW app.

RemoteNOW app

(3). Now, choose your Hisense Smart TV. It will be paired.

Hisense Smart TV Remote App

(4). Now, you can control your Hisense Smart TV from your phone.

(5). You have controls like keyboard, mouse, play/pause button, volume controls, and more.

RemoteNOW app

The remote control app can eliminate the need for the normal TV remote in many cases, such as broken Hisense TV remote, dead batteries, and more. It has a provision to unpair the TV anytime and access the other smart TV. In case of any issues with the Hisense remote app, share them in the comments section.


1. Can I control my Hisense TV with my phone?

Yes, you can control your Hisense TV with the phone by using the remote app. You can also use the remote codes for Hisense TV to control it by using the universal remotes.

2. How do I connect my Hisense Smart TV to WiFi without a remote?

Check our detailed guide on how to connect Hisense TV to WiFi without using the remote.

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