Games on Roku TV – How to Add & Play

Games on Roku TV

In general, Smart TVs are meant for watching movies and streaming live content. On the contrary, in recent days, Smart TVs are also used for playing games, listening to music, and many more. You can install and play games on Roku TV via Roku Channel Store. There are many games in Roku Channel Store in different categories, namely Trivia, Puzzle, Arcade, and many more. No matter whether you have a Roku TV or Roku Streaming Stick, games are available on all Roku devices. Here are some Roku TV games which you would feel amused to play.

How to Add Games on Roku Streaming Device or TV

Similar to adding apps on Roku TV, you can get games on Roku TV from the Channel Store.

[1] Navigate to the home screen of your Roku device.

[2] Click the Streaming Channels option.

[3] Now, the Roku Channel Store will appear. Click the Games in the Genres menu.

[4] On the left, you will get a list of games. Choose the game that you want and click the Add channel button.

Best Games for Roku TV

[5] Now, the game will be added to your Roku device.

[6] You can play the game anytime you want on your Roku device.

Best Games for Roku TV

If you can’t find the best game from the Roku Channel Store, you can pick a game or two from the list below. We have compiled the best games for Roku devices.


Retaliate game on Roku TV

Retaliate is an arcade-style video game that is similar to space invaders, you can control the movements via remote control for shielding and firing. There are different skill levels available on Retaliate, namely, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme, you can choose any one of the levels based on your gaming skill. The top 10 scores for all four difficulty levels will display at the end of the game when all four ships have been eliminated. Retaliate is free to download, but it costs $0.99 to unlock the hangar and remove ads.

Roku Channel Store Link: Retaliate


SNAKE game on Roku TV

SNAKE is a classic DOS computer game updated for Roku TV. The aim of this game is to consume pellets and increase the size of the snake. You can command the directions and movement of the snake via arrow keys on your Roku TV remote control. The game ends when you run into yourself. This game is free of cost, you can purchase the ad-free option for $1.99.

Roku Channel Store Link: SNAKE

Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shooter Free game on Roku TV

Bubble Shooter Free is an ad-sponsored game that is similar to COLOR SHIFT’R and Bubble Jam. The objective of this game is to shoot random colored balls from a group of similar colored balls. You have to eliminate the similar colored balls adjoining 3 in a row, and eliminate all the balls to complete a level.

Roku Channel Store Link: Bubble Shooter Free

Neon Rider

Neon Rider game on Roku TV

Neon Rider is a free arcade-style game in which you can stunt your vehicle on various courses involving jumping gaps and doing flips to increase the points along the way. This game will end when you land on anything other than your wheels after a jump. You can control the speed of the vehicle by holding the right arrow key and holding a little longer to do a flip.

Roku Channel Store Link: Neon Rider

Street Racer

Street Racer on Roku TV

Street Racer is a time-limited racing game similar to Grand Prix from the late 1970s. The objective is to go fast as you can without smashing any random obstacle that dots the course. Your car is controlled using the right or left arrow button on your remote control. The first five levels are cost-free and unlock higher levels with $1.99 and enjoy your full game.

Roku Channel Store Link: Street Racer

ONO With Friends

ONO With Friends on Roku TV

ONO With Friends is Roku’s adaption of the popular Mattel card game UNO. This game offers many modes, which include

  • Struggle – No coins needed to play
  • Online 2 players – 10 coins needed to play
  • Online 4 players – 20 coins needed to play
  • Online 2×2 players – 20 coins needed to play
  • Online Event – 50 cons needed to play
  • Play with Friends – Either create a room or join a game

This game costs you a coin every time you win a game or tournament, in which you can place the coins as bets for further tournaments. This is a free game, but in-app purchases are available to unlock coins.

Roku Channel Store Link: ONO With Friends

Fruit Cutter

Fruit Cutter game on Roku TV

Fruit Cutter is a fun arcade game, you can slice the fruits and earn points. You can have fun slashing fruits with marvelous visuals and gameplay. This game is very addictive and simple to play, you can slash through fruit combos and gain additional points. Unleash the powerful combinations and act fast to get high scores and be top on the leaderboard.

Roku Channel Store Link: Fruit Cutter

Hill Rider

Hill Rider game on Roku TV

Hill Rider is a simple arcade game where you can race a car in the countryside on off-roads and collect money to upgrade your vehicle or buy an advanced vehicle. Use the right arrow to move forward and the left to reverse on your remote control. After moving some distance, pick up gas to refill your vehicle and pick up money to upgrade your vehicle to boost the speed. Hill Rider is a free game with in-app purchases.

Roku Channel Store Link: Hill Rider

Knife Smash

Knife Smash on Roku TV

Knife Smash is a timing game where the objective is to throw all your knives at a target without hitting the existing knives. You will be collected Apple points to purchase more knives. There are 32 knives in total and 50 stages to complete. The speed varies from one stage to another according to their difficulty level. This is an absolutely free game with no in-purchase options available.

Roku Channel Store Link: Knife Smash

Stunt Extreme

Knife Smash

Stunt Extreme is a basic bike racing game with limited action and controls. The objective of this game is to race on or more opponents to finish the line on your motorbike by dodging obstacles and collecting tokens. You can change lanes using the up and down arrows on your Roku keys. There are two modes in Stunt Extreme, Career and Survival. The Career mode is free for the first 5 levels. After that, purchase $1.99 to access the full game.

Roku Channel Store Link: Stunt Extreme

Road Fury

Road Fury

Road Fury is a racing game that is similar to VTV-Race Cars. Instead of dodging each car, in Road Fury, you should try to destroy them. In this game, you can’t be able to control the speed limit, you can only control the left and right motions of the vehicle using the left or right arrow keys on your remote control. Every time you destroy any vehicle, you can collect coins, money, or power-ups which helps to destroy more vehicles by enhancing your vehicle.

Roku Channel Store Link: Road Fury

Sweet Sugar

Sweet Sugar game on Roku TV

Sweet Sugar is an elimination game that is similar to Candy Crush Saga. In this game, the player must switch and match gems in the puzzle adventure to move on to the next level. You can make smart moves by matching more gems in the same color to earn rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos.

Roku Channel Store Link: Sweet Sugar

Pool Club

Pool Club

Pool Club is an entertaining Roku game in which the objective is to pocket all balls before a 500-second lock runs out. Navigate the right and left arrows on Roku remote to aim the pool cue and adjust the strength, after that, press OK to take the shot. In Pool Club, no additional fees are prompted.

Roku Channel Store Link: Pool Club

Block Puzzle Free

Block Puzzle Free

Block Puzzle Free is an easy puzzle game. The objective is to place three random puzzle pieces on a 9×9 grid to fill horizontal lines or vertical lines manually. Move the shapes to create lines that clear the board and continue your play.

Roku Channel Store Link: Block Puzzle Free

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an arcade-style game in which the objective is to move to the playing field by jumping from ledge to ledge. Move left or right using the remote keys to land successfully on the ledge. If you miss the ledge, you can step onto the lower one to save your lifeline. Beware of the monsters on the top and secure a high score to be first on the leaderboard.

Roku Channel Store Link: Doodle Jump


1. How do I play Steam games on Roku?

Roku does not support Steam and the Steam Link apps. It has not published an app for the Roku TV platform.