How to Add Dailymotion on Panasonic Smart TV

Dailymotion on Panasonic Smart TV

Dailymotion is one of the popular video-sharing platforms in multiple countries. The app is well received in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and India. Dailymotion is a French-based media streaming service developed by Vivendi and launched in March 2005. However, with the past years of its existence, it spread its branches to different countries. The Dailymotion app streams global music, news, and sports events. Let’s explore the ways to add and access Dailymotion on Panasonic Smart TV.

Dailymotion brings to your local news and topics at the earliest. In other words, Dailymotion is available 183 different languages. This includes 43 localized versions of the app. Also, find a daily section, Daily Plus with the latest, hot, and trending topics for you.

How to Add Dailymotion on Panasonic Smart TV

#1. Turn on your Panasonic Smart TV and then connect to the internet.

Dailymotion on Panasonic Smart TV

#2. Launch the Google Play Store.

Dailymotion on Panasonic Smart TV

#3. Select the Search icon on your screen.

#4. Search for the Dailymotion app using the virtual on-screen keyboard.

#5. Select the Dailymotion app from the app suggestions.

#6. Click on the Install button and start downloading the app.

#7. Open the Dailymotion app on your TV.

#8. Follow the on-screen prompts and then signin to the Dailymotion app.

#9. Stream the Dailymotion app on your  TV.

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How to Cast Dailymotion on Panasonic Smart TV

#1. Start by connecting your Panasonic Smart TV to the same WiFi network as your smartphone.

#2 Install the Dailymotion app on your Android smartphone from the Play Store.

#3. Launch the Dailymotion app and complete the signup process.

#4. On the home screen, tap the Cast icon on the top-right corner.

#5. Select your Panasonic Smart TV from the list on your screen.

#6. Within a few minutes, the Dailymotion app screen starts to cast on your TV.

#7. Finally, browse through the app library to play any video and enjoy watching it on your TV.

Either of the above two methods will let you access Dailymotion on your Panasonic Smart TV. With the Dailymotion app, keep yourself updated about all the latest global and local events. Additionally, save videos on the app offline and stream them without the internet. If you have any issues with the Dailymotion app, tell us in the comments below.