How to Set Up Chromecast on LG Smart TV

Chromecast on LG TV

Chromecast is an exclusive device that plugs into any TV with an HDMI port and streams your favorite movies and TV shows from Cast-enabled apps on your smartphones or PCs. You can also cast the entire screen from your Chrome browser on PCs and Chromebooks to Smart TVs. You can use Chromecast on TVs like Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and many more. In that lineup, you can also set up and use Chromecast on LG Smart TV.

The latest versions of LG Smart TVs are coming with AirPlay support. And you can use the LG ThinQ app to cast the media content to your LG TV. By using these, you can cast any file from your smartphone. But, connecting the Chromecast device to LG TV gives you extra comfort with your streaming needs.

How to Set Up Chromecast on LG TV

For setting up a Chromecast device on your LG TV, you need an active Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, create a new one from the Google website.

Setting Up Chromecast on your TV

[1] Plug the Chromecast device into your HDMI port of the LG TV and the USB cable to the power outlet.

[2] Connect the micro-USB cable to your Chromecast to turn on the device.

[3] Launch your LG TV and switch to the HDMI input where you connect the Chromecast.

[4] Now, press and hold the Back arrow and Home buttons on the remote for a few seconds until the light flashes.

[5] Choose your language by using the remote control.

[6] Choose the same WiFi network as your mobile phone and input the WiFi password.

Setting Up Chromecast on Google Home

[1] Download the Google Home app on your Android smartphone or iPhone from the Play Store or App Store.

[2] Open the Google Home app and click the ‘+‘ sign on the top left.

Select the + icon to set up Chromecast

[3] Choose Set up device

Select Set up device

[4] Select Add New devices and tap Continue when prompted.

Select Add New Devices to Chromecast on LG TV

[5] Select your Chromecast device and tap the Next button.

[6] Tap Yes to confirm the 4-digit code on the screen.

[7] Select Accept in the bottom right to accept the Google Terms of Service.

[8] Click Next and select Agree to the Google Device Arbitration Agreement.

[9] If you have a Google Home setup, choose the room where the Chromecast is located. You can also choose to Create New and type in the name of the room.

Choose Crete New or your room to Chromecast on LG TV

[10] Use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code on the LG TV screen,

[11] Assign your Chromecast a unique name for Google Assistant speaker control.

[12] Then, sign in to your Google account and set up the Google Services Data preferences.

[13] Go through the Google Assistant commands to use it on your Chromecast.

[14] If you want, click the Allow button to enable the Universal Search.

[15] Choose Ambient Mode and click on any sources, like Google Photos or Art gallery. This is to set the screensaver on Chromecast.

Ambient mode

[16] Now, you have completed the Chromecast set up process on LG Smart TV.

[17] From now, cast all your favorite movies or TV shows on your LG Smart TV using Chromecast.

LG Smart TV Chromecast Not Working

If you have any performance issues with the Chromecast on LG TV, make sure to check the following.

  • Connect both the Chromecast and smartphone to the same WiFi connection.
  • Check if all the power cables for Chromecast are not damaged.
  • Make sure that the correct HDMI input is selected on the LG TV.
  • Reset the Chromecast and try again.


1. Do LG Smart TVs have Chromecast?

Yes, all the latest versions of LG Smart TVs are equipped with Chromecast support.

2. How do I know if my TV has Chromecast built-in?

Go to the Settings menu on your TV and open the Apps section. Tap the See All Apps and open Show System Apps. If there is a menu name, Google Chromecast Built-in, your TV has Chromecast support. If not, you have to buy the device.

3. How to Screen Share on LG Smart TV?

You can use the HDMI cables, WiFi connection, or the smartphone app to screen share on LG Smart TV.