What Channel is CBS on DirecTV

What Channel is CBS on DirecTV
Channel NameDirecTV Channel Number
CBS 13
CBS HD Local 5
CBS Sports Network 221
CBS East 390
CBS West 391

Columbia Broadcasting System is abbreviated as CBS. It is one of the popular commercial broadcasting television and radio network based in the US. If you have subscribed to the DirecTV network, you can watch CBS channels like CBS HD Local, CBS Sports Network, CBS East, and CBS West. The channel number for CBS on DirecTV will differ in various regions based on your location in the United States.

CBS Channel Number on DirecTV Network

City/StateCBS Channel on DirecTV
Atlanta, Georgia46
Boise, ID2
Chicago, IL2
Cleveland, OH19
Colorado Springs, CO11
El Paso, TX4
Houston, TX11
Kansas City, MO5
Las Vegas, NV2
Los Angeles, CA2
Miami, FL4
New York, NY2
Phoenix, AZ5
San Antonio, TX5
San Diego, CA8
Seattle, WA7
Tucson, AZ13

If you have issues accessing the CBS channel on DirecTV Network, you can contact DirecTV support for assistance.

Other Providers of CBS Channels

Apart from DirecTV, other providers also offer CBS channels.

  • Spectrum (CBS channel number 5 for Spectrum)
  • Xfinity TV HD (CBS channel number 1003 for Xfinity TV HD)
  • AT&T U-verse HD (CBS channel number 1002 for AT&T U-verse HD)
  • DISH (CBS channel number 4 for DISH)
  • Verizon FiOS TV HD (Local CBS HD channel number 502 for Verizon FiOS TV HD)


1. Does DIRECTV have a channel guide?

Yes. DirecTV does come with a channel guide. To access it, press the Guide button on your TV remote, and you can check the list of available programs. You can also go to the official site of DirecTV to access the online guide.

2. Is the Fox channel available on DirecTV?

Yes, the Fox channel is available on DirecTV. Its associate channels are Sports, Business Network, and News.