How to Stream TNT on Sharp Smart TV

TNT on Sharp Smart TV

Are you looking for a cool Smart TV app with movies and shows that will impress you? Then, you need to consider adding TNT to your Sharp Smart TV. TNT stands short for Turner Network Television and is owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks. Being launched in the year 1988, TNT was a mainstream movie channel. It had a library rich with classic movies and series. Now, it is more of a modern streaming service with the app available on multiple platforms so that everyone can enjoy the same. Let’s learn how to add this library to our Smart TV as well.

Today, TNT streams movies, feature films, series, and sports making it a complete entertainer for your family. The movies from TNT include movies from other popular productions, including Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.

Subscription plans on TNT

You don’t need any special subscription on TNT to unlock the app library. All it takes is a proper TV provider subscription to log in to the TNT app on your Sharp Smart TV.

Stream TNT on Sharp Smart TV

Sharp Smart TVs support either an Android OS or a Roku OS. Depending on the OS on your Sharp Smart TV, the method of adding TNT is different. So, let’s explore in-depth the method by which we can add and stream TNT on Sharp Smart TV.

How to Stream TNT on Sharp Roku TV

#1 First, turn on your Sharp Roku TV and then connect to your internet.

#2 On your home screen, select the Streaming Channels options and then the Search option.

TNT on Sharp Smart TV

#3 Search for the TNT app by typing it down using the on-screen keyboard.

TNT on Sharp Smart TV

#4 From the app search results, select the TNT app icon.

#5 Next, click on the Add Channel button and start downloading the TNT app.

#6 Tap on the OK after downloading the app.

#7 Open the TNT app by clicking on the Go to Channel option.

#8 Note down the TNT Activation Code that you can see on your screen.

#9 Using any web browser of your choice, go to the TNT activation site.

#10 From the list, choose Roku and then enter the Activation Code in the respective field.

Choose Roku to get TNT on Sharp Smart TV

#11 FLog in with the credentials of your TV provider subscription and then click on the Activate option.

TNT Activation Code

#12 Finally, the TNT channel is activated and you can enjoy your favorite movies.

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How to Watch TNT on Sharp Android TV

#1 First, turn on your Sharp Android TV and connect to your WiFi.

Click Google Play Store

#2 Click on the Apps tab and then on Google Play Store.

Tap the Search icon

#3 Type down and search for the TNT app.

#4 Choose the TNT app icon from your app search suggestions.

#5 To download the TNT app, click on the Install button.

#6 Wait for the download of the TNT app to complete.

#7 Once the download completes, launch the TNT app.

#8 Note down the TNT Activation Code on your screen.

#9 Visit the TNT activation site and complete the activation process.

#10 Now, you can watch movies, shows, and sports.

So, now you have the key to unlock the library of TNT with exciting series, movies, and shows. Also, you can enjoy watching sports events from the app.  This includes NHL, NBA, and NCCA Division Men’s Basketball Tournament. Also, you can enjoy watching professional wrestling matches from the All Elite Wrestling matches on TNT.