Philips TV Game Mode: How to Enable & Use

In smart TVs, the Game Mode allows you to play games without any input lags and with high refresh rates. Nowadays, Game Mode is a common feature that is available on all gaming Smart TVs and normal mid-range TVs. In the Philips Smart TV, you can enable the Game Mode from the Settings menu.

How Game Mode Works on Philips TV

  1. The Game Mode is a feature that helps in reduce the input lag for better gaming and it also increases the overall gaming performance.
  2. Your TV diverts some of the processing power dedicated to image quality toward reducing the time period between the keystrokes or controller commands and action reflected onscreen.
  3. The Game Mode usually results in a slight deterioration of image quality.
Game mode in Philips TV

Best Philips TV for Gaming

In general, Philips Smart TVs are known for their streaming purposes. Philips TVs are not recommended for gaming purposes. Yet, Philips have some gaming TVs in their lineup. They have a low input lag and has a high refresh rate.

  • Philips OLED + 935
  • Philips OLED 806
  • Philips OLED 706

You can compare all the other Philips TV models and buy the best one on the Philips official website for your gaming purposes.

How to Enable Game Mode on Philips TV

[1] Press the Home button on the remote control and navigate to the Philips TV Home screen.

Press Home button

[2] On the Home screen, you can see the list of downloaded apps and recently used services.

[3] Select Settings icon at the top of the screen.

Choose Settings on top right

[4] In the Settings menu, select the Picture Style option.

Select Picture style on Philips Tv settings

[5] There are many options displayed under the Picture Style tab.

[6] Choose the Game option.

Select Game to enable Game mode on Philips TV

[7] Press OK.

[8] Now, your Philips Smart TV will run on Game Mode.

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1. Does Game Mode lower the picture quality?

The Game Mode will improve your gaming experience, but it will certainly decrease your picture quality

2. Is Philips good for gaming?

With Philips’s 144 Hz frame rate, you can get those critical missing images on the screen, displaying the opponent’s movements in ultra smooth, so you can easily target your enemies. With an ultra-low input lag and no screen tearing, Philips OLEDs are your perfect gaming TVs.