ONN TV Remote Codes: How to Set Up & Use

Codes for ONN TV

ONN has an affordable series of Smart TVs with features that are not much lesser than the popular brands. Also, these Smart TV models are produced by Walmart’s private label tradename, Durabrand. The exciting thing about the ONN TV is that the kit remote can be used to control any brand of TV. As the ONN TV remote is a universal remote, you can use the remote codes to program the remote to any TV.

The universal remotes from ONN TV can access control over video or audio devices, which include TV, VCR, DVD, Satellite, and Cable devices. However, to access control, you need to program your remote to the device using the most appropriate remote code.

ONN TV Universal Remote Codes

All In One ONN TV Remote Code


GE 4 Digit Remote Codes for ONN TV


Magnavox Universal Remote Code for ONN TV


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ONN TV Remote Codes for Xfinity Stream


ONN TV Remote Code for Element TV [3 Digit Code]


ONN TV Remote Code for Westinghouse TV

You can program the ONN TV remote using 5-digit codes only in the Westinghouse TVs.


ONN TV Remote Codes for Xfinity TV


ONN TV Remote Codes for Roku TV


ONN TV Remote Code for Emerson TV


ONN TV Remote Code for LG TV


ONN TV Remote Code for Vizio TV


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How to Program ONN Universal Remote to TV Using Codes

There are three different ways to program the ONN remote to the TV. They are,

  • Manual method
  • With Code Search
  • Without Code Search

How to Program ONN Universal Remote to TV Using Manual Method

1. Initially, make sure that you have access to different codes for the ONN remote.

2. Make sure to turn on the TV that you intend to control with the remote.

3. Long press the SETUP button till the red indicator blinks for two seconds.

4. Next, press the TV/DVD/SAT/AUX button on the remote depending on the device to control.

ONN TV Remote codes

5. Type in a four-digit code using the ONN remote and then the red indicator turns off.

6. Then, point the ONN remote towards your TV and press the Power button on it.

7. You can release the Power button after the TV turns off.

8. Now, turn on the TV using the ONN remote and navigate with it.

1. Turn on your TV.

2. On the ONN TV remote, hold the SETUP button.

ONN TV Remote - SETUP button

3. Then, enter the 991 code.

4. Hold the Power and Channel Up button for a few seconds.

5. After that, the TV will turn off.

6. Click the Power button again on the ONN remote to turn on the TV.

1. Turn on the TV.

2. Hold the TV, DVD, CBL, OK, or SELL button for 3-5 seconds.

3. Then, enter the remote code that corresponds to your TV.

4. After that, press the Channel Up and Channel Down button. The TV will turn off. If it is not turning off, you have to try another code.

5. If your TV turns off, click the Power button again to turn it on.

6. Now, you can use the ONN remote to control your TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the remote code for Onn Roku TV?

There are seven different remote codes available for ONN remote to program the Roku TV.

2. How do I program my RCA universal remote to my ONN TV?

Using the 4-digit remote codes, like 5004, 5007, 5019, 5027, and 5046, you can program the RCA remote to ONN TV.