How to Watch Newsy on Vizio Smart TV

Newsy on Vizio Smart TV

Newsy is a popular American news network and it offers unbiased news every time. It is a video news app that helps us to stay updated with video news on top stories every day. It provides 24/7 live and breaking news around the world. You can also read news stories in the Newsy app. The app is compatible with many smart TVs. You can get the Newsy app on Vizio Smart TV and stream the live news anytime.

The Newsy app is ad-supported, so it is absolutely free to access. With a variety of current stories and innovative, original documentaries on-demand, Newsy stands out to be one of the best news streaming channels. The user interface is very simple for the elegant experience of news streaming. You can get the freedom to select the topic of your wish to watch the news. It has plenty of investigation documentaries in the on-demand library.

How to Get Newsy on Vizio Smart TV

#1 Power on the Vizio Smart TV and set up the internet connection.

#2 Press the Vizio button (v) in the remote to open the Vizio App Store.

open Vizio app store to Watch Newsy on Vizio Smart TV

#3 Search for Newsy app in the Vizio App Store.

#4 Click Install to download the Newsy app on your Vizio Smart TV.

#5 Select Open to launch the Newsy app and log in by providing proper Newsy app credentials.

#6 Choose any news content and stream it on your Smart TV.

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Alternative Way to Stream Newsy on Vizio Smart TV

The alternative method to stream the app on Vizio smart TV is casting from the smartphone. The Newsy app has an inbuilt cast support feature to stream its content on smart TV.

#1 Connect the Vizio Smart TV and the Smartphone to the same internet connection.

#2 Install the Newsy app from either Google Play Store or App Store.

#3 Click Open to launch the Newonce it is downloaded.

#4 Provide the Newsy account credentials and click the Cast icon at the top.

click cast icon at the top

#5 Choose the Vizio Smart TV from the list and start streaming Newsy content on your Smart TV.

Newsy is a perfect app to get the news in a clear, unbiased way. The app has categorized sports, politics, regional, finance, technology, entertainment news for easy access. If you have any queries regarding the installation of the Newsy app, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.