How to Install Newsy on Toshiba Smart TV

Newsy on Toshiba Smart TV

What do you look for in a news channel? It is a popular opinion that most of the news channels that we have today are biased. Some of these channels fail to give you a view of most issues in all dimensions. Only one side or a small portion of things are portrayed in them. If you have ever felt so, then you need to take a look at the Newsy channel. Newsy has the latest news at its best without being biased at all. Newsy started its service in 2008 as a syndication business. It used to sell news to other publishers like Mashable and HuffPost. So, let’s add and stream Newsy on Toshiba Smart TV.

Newsy was relaunched as an over-the-air broadcast in 2021 and streams both in the US and Canada. Newsy puts in its best efforts to bring to you uninfluenced and unbiased news reports. Therefore Newsy was awarded the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and the Society of Environmental Journalists Awards for its excellence.

Install Newsy on Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba Smart TVs generally support a Fire TV OS as well as an Android TV OS. So, let’s explore the ways to add Newsy to both of these.

How to Stream Newsy on Toshiba Fire TV

#1. Turn on your Toshiba Fire TV and then connect it to the WiFi network.

Newsy on Toshiba Smart TV

#2. Click on the Find menu and then on the Search option.

#3. Search for the Newsy app.

Newsy on Toshiba Smart TV

#4. Select the Newsy app icon from the search suggestions.

#5. Click on the Get or Download button to install the Newsy app on your TV.

#6. Click on Open to launch the Newsy app.

#7. Start streaming the news from Newsy on your TV.

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How to Stream Newsy on Toshiba Android TV

#1. Turn on your Toshiba Smart TV and then connect to the internet.

#2. Launch the Google Play Store from your home screen.

Google Play Store on Toshiba Android TV

#3. Next, click on the Search icon and type in Newsy on the search bar.

Search for Newsy

#4. Select the Newsy app icon from the search suggestion list.

#5. Click on Install to download the Newsy app on your TV.

#6. Next, click on Open and launch the Newsy app on your Toshiba Fire TV.

#7. Play the video from the Newsy app on your TV.

Now, enjoy streaming unbiased and uninfluenced news reports of all issues on your Toshiba Smart TV. View all topics from different dimensions. So, you don’t just have to look at the brightest part of everything. If you have any issues while getting the Newsy app on your Toshiba TV, let us know in the comments.

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