How to Get ITV Hub on LG Smart TV

ITV Hub on LG TV

Quick Tips

  • Install the ITV Hub (ITVX) app on yoru LG Smart TV and stream all the FIFA 2022 games.
  • Install: Home LG Content StoreSearch ITV Hub (ITVX) → Install Launch Sign InStream FIFA World Cup matches.
  • Cast: ITV Hub (ITVX) app on smartphone → Cast iconLG Smart TVPlay any FIFA match.

ITV Hub is an on-demand streaming service that offers TV series, dramas, reality shows, and sports. Recently ITV Hub was rebranded to ITVX. Using the ITVX (ITV Hub) on your LG Smart TV, you can watch all the FIFA World Cup matches along with other sports content.

How to Download ITV Hub [ITVX] on LG Smart TV

ITV Hub is available only on 2016 and above LG TV models (from webOS 3.0 & above). If you are using an LG TV with older webOS, update the LG TV to its latest webOS version.

1. Launch your LG Smart TV and connect your LG Smart TV to a strong internet connection.

2. Press the Home button on the remote to get the menu on the home screen.

3. Open the LG Content Store and tap the Search icon from the top right corner.

open lg content store to install itvhub app

4. Browse for the ITV Hub app and choose the app from the search results.

5. Select Install to install the ITV Hub app from the Content Store.

6. After the installation, click Launch to launch the app.

ITV Hub on LG TV

How to Activate ITV Hub on LG Smart TV to Watch FIFA World Cup

1. When you open the ITV Hub (ITVX) app on your LG TV, you will get the welcome screen with the Just browse and Sign in now buttons. If you click the Just browse button, you can stream only the free video content.

Activate ITV Hub

2. Click the Sign in now button. You will get the activation screen.

Activate code

3. Go to the ITVX activation website ( on your smartphone or PC.

4. Sign in with your ITVX account and enter the activation code.

5. You can also sign in without the activation code. Click the Sign in manually button and enter your ITVX credentials.

6. When the activation or login is successful, you will get the below screen. Click the Continue button.

Watch FIFA World Cup on LG TV using ITV HUB

7. Now, you will get all the premium video content available on ITVX.

8. You can watch the previous matches’ highlights. If you tune in to the kick-off time (from 10:00 AM), you can live stream the match.

The ITVX streaming app is still in the rollout pace. If you have the old ITV Hub app on your LG Smart TV, it will be updated as ITVX on or before December 8, 2022.

Alternative Way to Stream ITV Hub

If your TV doesn’t support the ITV Hub app, you can cast it from Android and iOS smartphones. Connect your smartphone and LG Smart TV to the same WiFi network and proceed further.

1. Install the ITV Hub app from Google Play Store and App Store.

2. Launch the ITV Hub app and sign in with your account.

3. Tap the Cast icon from the top right corner of the screen.

tap the cast icon to watch itvhub on lg tv

4. Choose your LG TV from the list of devices available to connect.

5. Play any FIFA match and watch them on your LG Smart TV.

Apart from FIFA World Cup 2022, you can also stream live TV shows from ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, and CITV content. ITV Hub is available in both free and paid versions. The free version has only limited content with ads. If you want to stream without ads, you can subscribe to ITV Hub for £3.99.

Alternate Ways to Watch FIFA World Cup on LG Smart TV in the UK

In the UK, only the two providers offer FIFA 2022 live streaming. One is ITVX, and the other one is the BBC iPlayer. If you have an active subscription, you can use the BBC iPlayer app on your LG TV to live stream all the FIFA matches. With the BBC iPlayer, you can watch live matches, highlights, and replays in multiple languages.


[1] How to update ITV Hub to ITVX on LG Smart TV?

You don’t need to update the ITV Hub app to ITVX manually. It will be updated automatically once it is available for your LG Smart TV model.