How to Update Fire TV in 2 Ways [All Models]


Quick Tips

  • You can update both the Toshiba and Insignia Fire TVs in two ways.
  • Fire TV (Newer models): Settings → My Fire TV → Check for updatesInstall Update.
  • Fire TV (Older models): Settings → My Fire TV → AboutInstall Update.

Whenever Fire TV receives an update, you will get new features, and the bugs will be resolved. When you face any difficulties like error codes or an app keeps crashing, it is recommended to update your Fire TV to the newest version.

Updating Fire TV is pretty simple. The steps are similar to updating older and latest versions of the Fire TV.

How to Update Fire TV: Newer Models

1. Select Settings on your Fire TV with the Fire TV stick remote.

Click on the settings icon on your Fire TV to update

2. On the settings, select My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

3. Select About.

About option

4. Select Check for Updates. You can find the current firmware detail (on the right), previously installed on your Fire TV.

Check for new updates and install the update on your Fire TV.

5. If the updates are available, select Install Update.

6. The FireTV will restart automatically after installing the new update.

How to Update Fire TV: Older Models

The steps in updating older models of Fire TV are almost the same as the newer models. But, the only change is the interface.

1. Open Settings on your Fire TV.

Fire TV Settings

2. Move and select My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

3. Next, select About.

About option on Fire TV

4. Select Install Update. You will be notified about the new firmware if an update is available.

Update your Fire TV

5. When you select Install Update, your TV starts to install the new firmware, which might take a few minutes.

6. When the update is installed successfully, the TV will restart automatically.

How to Auto Update Fire TV

Enabling auto-update saves time, and it is one of the easiest processes in updating the new firmware. By enabling the feature, the latest version will be installed automatically when you connect your FireTV to a stable internet connection.

1. On your FireTV, select Settings.

Settings icon

2. Next, select Applications.


3. Further, select the App Store.

App Store

4. Select Automatic Updates.

Turn on Automatic update on your Fire TV.

5. Finally, turn it on to enable the automatic update feature.


1. What are the TV brands that offer Fire OS TVs?

Smart TV brands like Toshiba and Insignia offer Fire OS TV models.

2. How to update apps on Fire TVs?

Updating apps on Toshiba Fire TV and Insignia Fire TV is simple. First, go to SettingsApps → Select the desired app → Press Menu on remote → More infoUpdate.

3. How to change Fire TV language?

On your home screen, select SettingsPreferencesLanguageChoose the desired language.