How to Restart / Reboot Roku TV

Roku TVs are smart TVs powered by Roku OS. The UI and features available in the Roku TV are similar to the Roku streaming devices. As of now, some of the TV brands like TCL, Onn, Hisense, Insignia, and more. If you have any minor issues like AirPlay not working on Roku TV, the remote not working, or any other issues, you can restart the Roku TV to fix the issue.

How to Restart Roku TV With Remote Control

[1] Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote control.

Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote

[2] Navigate the Settings in the left sidebar.

[3] Select OK and go to Settings.

[4] Navigate to the System settings option.

Choose System

[5] Click the System restart option.

Select System restart

[6] Now, select the Restart option.

Click Restart to restart your Roku TV

[7] After that, your TV will restart.

How to Reboot Roku TV When its Frozen

Sometimes, the Roku TV will not run the streaming app properly. Apps like Netflix on Roku TV need to be restarted if there are any issues with the app. In some cases, the Roku TV screen will not work properly. In that case, you need to use the Roku TV remote codes to restart the TV.

[1] On your remote control, press the Home button five times.

[2] Click the Up arrow once.

[3] Press the Rewind button twice.

[4] Press the Fast forward button twice.

Press the following keys on Roku remote

[5] After pressing the keys on your remote control in the following sequence, the Roku TV will turn off and on and turns on after a few seconds.

How to Restart Roku TV Without Remote

To reboot the Roku TV without a remote, you need to reset the Roku TV. When you factory reset the Roku TV, it will automatically be restarted. You can reset any brand of Roku TV like TCL and Hisense to restart it without using the remote.

On the back side of the Roku TV, you will have some physical buttons and ports. Find the Reset button and hold it for more than five seconds. This will soft reset the TV and then restarts it. If you want to restart specific apps like Netflix on Roku, you have to soft reset the device. As there is no specific Restart function available on the TV to restart apps, you have to use the physical buttons on the TV.


1. Where is the restart button on Roku TV?

There is no restart button available on the Roku TV.

2. Do Roku TVs have a reset button?

Yes, all brands of Roku TV has a dedicated Reset button on the backside of the TV.