How to Reset Fire TV Remote [All Generations]


Quick Tips

  • You can reset the Fire TV remote of all generations.
  • Basic Edition: Using the home/menu buttons on the Fire TV remote
  • First Generation: Long press the Left and Menu buttons.

Sometimes, the Fire TV remote may not work if it is undergoing any hardware issues. There are more ways to reset your Fire TV remote. The best way is to remove the batteries and insert an alternative alkaline battery. As the lifetime of a remote battery ranges from 8 to 10 months, you need to change the battery every 10 months. Resetting Fire TV remote applies to all Fire TVs, such as Toshiba and Insignia.

Reset Fire TV Remote: Basic Edition

Reset basic Edition Fire TV Remote

1. Press the Home button (For a few seconds) on your Fire TV remote.

2. Simultaneously, press the Menu button (3 times).

3. Release the home button on your Fire TV remote.

4. Again, press Menu (nine times).

5. Next, take out the batteries from the Fire TV remote.

6. Unplug the power cable from your TV from the socket and wait for 60 seconds.

7. Insert the battery back into the remote and plug the cable into the TV.

8. Turn on your TV. Press the Home button (40 seconds) when you see the home screen.

9. Pair the remote with Fire TV and check whether the remote is working properly.

Reset Fire TV Remote: First Generation

Reset Alexa First Generation Remote

1. Unplug the cable from your Fire TV and wait for a minute.

2. Long press the Left and Menu buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

3. Take the finger from the buttons and wait for 5 seconds.

4. Plug the cable back into the port of the TV and leave it for 60 seconds.

5. Remove the batteries and add them back to the remote.

6. Check whether Alexa Fire TV Voice Remote is working properly.

Reset Fire TV Remote: Second Generation

Reset Alexa Second Generation Remote

1. Unplug the cable of your Fire TV from the power outlet.

2. Long press the Menu, Back, and Left buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds.

3. Release all three buttons and leave the remote for 5 seconds.

4. Next, plug the Fire TV cable back into the port and remove the batteries from your remote.

5. Your Fire TV will restart automatically. It will take almost a minute to restart.

6. Insert the batteries back into the remote and ensure that you insert them as per the + andsigns.

7. Press the Home button on your Fire TV remote to check whether it works fine.

Note: You can follow similar steps to reset your Alexa Voice Remote 2nd generation, Voice Remote 3rd generation, and Amazon Voice Remote Lite.


1. How to reset the Fire TV stick?

You can reset the Fire TV in two different ways. You can reset using the Fire TV remote and without using the remote.

2. How to Update the Fire TV (New models)

You can easily update the Fire TV on the newer models within a few steps. Go to SettingsFire TVAboutCheck for updatesInstall.

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