How to Factory Reset Vizio Smart TV

Vizio Smart TV is a premium product of Vizio. Smart TVs are available in all sizes with advanced technology. It has become most popular in recent years and finds a place in every household. The Smart TV runs on operating systems like Android, Roku, Fire TV, WebOS. It is necessary to reset the smart TV if it is sold to someone or found some technical issues in streaming. We will learn about the methods to factory reset Vizio Smart TV.

Factory resetting the Smart TV will remove all the previous data and clear the memory. The manually installed apps will be removed and bring back to the factory settings. Factory settings refers to the TV settings when they came from the factory. The reset function could solve some of the issues like internet connectivity, audio disruption, screen interruption, and more.

How to Factory Reset Vizio SmartCast TV

(1). Launch Vizio Smart TV and press the Menu button on the remote.

(2). Select System in the menu and choose Reset & Admin.

Select Reset & Admin - Reset Vizio Smart TV

(3). Click Reset TV to Factory Defaults.

Click Reset TV to Factory Defaults - Reset Vizio Smart TV

(4). Enter the Parental Control Passcode as 0000 (four zeros).

(5). Select Reset again to confirm the changes.

You can also factory reset the SmartCast TV using Vizio Remote. The procedure is to press and hold the Input and Volume buttons together. Wait until a prompt appears, and then hold the Input button alone to reset the Vizio SmartCast TV.

How to Factory Reset Vizio Internet Apps TV

(1). Turn on Vizio Internet Apps TV and press the Menu button on the remote.

(2). Click Help in the menu and select Clear Memory (Factory Default).

Tap Clear Memory (Factory Defualt)

(3). Enter the Passcode if asked.

(4). Tap Yes to confirm the reset process, and it will reset the Vizio TV.

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These are the different methods to factory reset Vizio Smart TV. Whenever you find your TV not working properly, you can factory reset the smart TV for effective functioning. After factory resetting the TV, you have to log in to your account as you do it for the first time. If you have any queries on your Vizio Smart TV, mention them in the comments below.

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