How to View Google Photos on LG Smart TV

Google Photos on LG TV
App SupportNo
AirPlay SupportYes [App Store]
Cast SupportYes [Play Store]
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Google Photos is a one-stop destination where you can view and organize all your media files easily. It lets you backup your photos and videos with the same quality. You can view all the media and photos on this app that have been saved across different devices. This app even allows you to upload media from your device. Google Photos also reminds you of past events and takes you back to those beautiful memories.

Unfortunately, Google Photos is not available on the LG Content Store. But you can Cast and AirPlay it from your smartphone to LG TV.

How to Access Google Photos on LG TV Using Web Browser

1. Turn on the LG Smart TV and ensure it has stable WiFi.

2. Click the Home key on the LG Magic Remote to view the home page.

3. Locate the Web browser and open the app.

4. Enter ( in the address bar and visit the website.

5. Sign in to the Google account to continue.

6. Now, view the photos and videos that you have stored on the Google Account.

How to AirPlay Google Photos to LG Smart TV

AirPlay Google Photos
  1. Launch the Google Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and sign in with your credentials. New users can install the app from the App Store on their devices.
  2. Connect your TV and iPhone/iPad to the same WiFi.
  3. Play the event and hit the AirPlay icon on the media playback.
  4. Choose your TV from the list of available devices.
  5. Now, the Google Photos content on your iPhone will start to AirPlay on your TV.

How to Cast Google Photos to LG TV

Cast Google Photos
  1. Launch the Google Photos app on your smartphone and sign in with your credentials. If you haven’t installed the app, get it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Connect your Smart TV and Android smartphone to the same WiFi.
  3. Select the content you want to stream and hit the Cast icon.
  4. Choose your TV name from the list.
  5. Now, play the desired content on the Google Photos app and watch it on the TV screen.


How do you slideshow a photo on an LG TV?

Open Media Player on LG Smart TV → Click on a photo to view → Click the Play icon to start the slideshow.