How to Fix Element TV Stuck in Standby Mode

How to fix Element TV Stuck in Standby Mode

A Standby Mode is a feature that helps to save electricity and turn on your TV quickly compared with rebooting. The Standby Mode on Element TV has some issues. If your Element TV is stuck in the Standby Mode and it will get stuck on the Element Logo. To fix the issues, you have to power cycle the TV.

Steps to Fix Element TV Stuck in Standby mode

If your Element TV is stuck in Standby Mode, it is mainly due to power supply issues. Try the below fixes to solve the issue.

Power Cycle Element TV

One of the easiest and most effective steps in troubleshooting a TV is power cycling. By doing complete power cycling, you can clear out any temporary bugs in the device.

1: In the first step, plug out the cable from the power socket from the back of the TV.

2: Leave it unplugged for a minute and plug it back in. While unplugged, press the Power button on your TV for 20 to 25 seconds.

Plug out the cable from Element TV

3: Now plug back the cable and try turning on the TV to check whether the fix has worked.

4: If it is not, go to the next fix.

Reset your TV remote

When you try turning on your Element TV, and it doesn’t respond to your commands, then the problem is with your Element TV remote. Sometimes the weak remote can send wrong signals, which leads to your Element TV being stuck on standby mode.

1: Take your Element TV remote in your hands and open the battery guard.

2: Now, remove the batteries.

3. Press and hold the Power button for more than 10 seconds. This will dry out the residual power in your TV remote.

Remove batteries in your Element TV remote

3: Then, replace the remote with new batteries that support the remote and try turning on the TV.

Soft Reset Element TV

Like the simple power cycle method, you just need to do a soft reset to your TV by just turning it off and on using the TV buttons. This method will only work for TVs that have a Power button on the TV.

1: Plug your TV into a power socket and turn on the TV using the Power button on the TV.

2: After turning on the TV, hold the Power button to soft reset the TV.

3: Now, your Element TV will restart.

4: After the reboot, the TV won’t get stuck in the Standby Mode.

5: If this method is not working for you, you must reset the TV.

Factory Reset

If all the methods above as failed to fix the error, try resetting your Element TV.

1: Plug your TV into the power socket.

2: Go to the back side of the TV, you can see a pinhole which is the reset button on your Element TV.

3: Then, using the paper clip, hold the pinhole button for 30 seconds.

Reset your Element TV to fix standby mode stuck

4: This will Factory reset your Element TV and clear out any bugs and errors in your TV that act as a hindrance to your TV performance.

5: After the reset, the Standby Mode issue will be resolved.

6: If you still have the issue, you have to visit the nearby Element TV Support center.


1. Where is the reset button on Element TV?

You can find the Reset button above the HDMI port on the back of your TV.

2. What happens when TV is on Standby mode?

In the Standby Mode, your TV will consume less power consumption.