How to Connect Mouse to Fire TV

How to Connect Mouse to Fire TV

Smart TV has started using an operating system similar to the smartphone and the computer. There are many TV OS available and the Fire TV OS is very popular among them. Fire TV OS offers the best streaming interface and it can stream the content without any trouble. Amazon App Store is the official store of the Fire TV OS and it is available as inbuilt. You can find almost all streaming apps in the store for free download. The mouse is an important device for precision handling in smart devices. You cannot operate the TV efficiently with the TV remote and you can use the mouse to improve usability. We will discuss how to connect the mouse to the Fire TV.

How to Connect Mouse to Fire TV

There is no bigger procedure for connecting the mouse. The mouse is of two types, wired and wireless. You can connect them to the TV within minutes.

How to Connect Wired Mouse to Fire TV

The wired mouse has a USB cable to connect to the devices and it works as an input device. You can connect the mouse USB cable to the USB port of the Fire TV and you can use the mouse to operate the TV effectively.

How to Connect Wireless Mouse to Fire TV

Wireless mouse offers the comfort of using it far from the TV and you no need to move to the TV for changing. It has a USB dongle to connect to the TV and you can also connect the mouse through Bluetooth.

USB Dongle

USB Dongle is a small tool that comes along with the mouse. It provides a wireless connection to the device and the mouse. You can easily connect the USB Dongle to the USB port of the smart TV and use the mouse to control the TV.

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Bluetooth Pairing

(1). Turn on the mouse to pair to the Smart TV.

(2). Launch the Fire TV and go to the home screen.

(3). Click the Settings icon and select the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.

(4). Choose the Other Bluetooth Devices and click the Add Bluetooth Devices.

(5). Select the mouse to connect to the Fire TV.

You can also try this method to connect the mouse to the Firestick device. The Toshiba Smart TV and the Insignia Smart TV have the Fire TV OS. Hence, we have discussed the various ways to connect the mouse to the smart TV. By using the mouse, it can select the content and the app much quicker. In case of any issues with the mouse pairing, mention them in the comments section below.