Best Wireless Keyboard for Smart TV

Best Keyboard for Smart TV

The keyboard is a major input device for computers and it has all the essential keys to type emails, documents, operate the software, control media streaming, and many more. You can also use the keyboard to control the TV. The keyboard helps in quickly typing the content name, app name in the search. The keyboard must have a wireless connection for using them at a comfortable place for the users. It must have all necessary keys to control the streaming, access the options, settings on the TV. We will examine the best keyboard for the smart TV in the below section.

Best Keyboard for Smart TV

  1. Logitech Keyboard
  2. iPazzPort Keyboard
  3. Rii Keyboard
  4. Amazon Basics
  5. Dell Keyboard

Logitech Keyboard

Logitech keyboard - Best Keyboard for smart TV

Logitech is the best brand in the computer accessories such as keyboards and mouses. It has an excellent wireless keyboard with a stylish design. The keyboard can connect with smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TV through Bluetooth connection, and it works well with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Chrome OS. It can connect with three devices at the same time and it has an easy switch dial to switch the devices instantly. The keyboard incorporates many new media and shortcuts keys. It offers extended battery life and it is lightweight for easy usage. The keyboard has a provision to place the tablet and smartphone while typing. Logitech keyboard is one of the best wireless keyboards for LG Smart TV.

iPazzPort Keyboard

iPazzPort Wireless Keyboard

iPazzPort keyboard is a unique keyboard with an ergonomic design. The keyboard has 2.4 GHz wireless connection support to connect to the smart TV. It also has Infrared support with eight TV remote controls. The controls are volume up/down, channel up/down, power ON/OFF, Source, and more. iPazzPort wireless keyboard can connect with Android TV, Fire TV, and Nvidia Shield. The keyboard has a backlight to use in low light conditions and it offers three colors, red, blue, green. It has a touchpad for seamless control of the smart TV. You can use the lock facility to lock the keyboard from accessing it. It is easy to hold in the hands and operate with the fingers especially the thumb. iPazzPort keyboard is one of the best keyboards for Samsung Smart TV.

Rii Keyboard

Rii Keyboard

Rii keyboard is one of the best wireless keyboards and it offers two types of connection to the Smart TV. It has a USB Dongle to connect to the smart TV and it provides a 2.4 GHz wireless Bluetooth connection. The keyboard has the perfect design to hold in your hands without any trouble. It has Auto Sleep mode to turn off the keyboard after three minutes of not using and it can revoke the keyboard with a single press. The keyboard provides LED Backlit function to operate the TV without any light source. It has a total of 92 keys, including TV controls and gaming controls. The keyboard has a touchpad to access the options on the smart TV and PC quickly. Rii keyboard is the best mini keyboard for Smart TV.

Amazon Basics Keyboard

Amazon Basics Keyboard

Amazon Basics offers various products and it has an extraordinary keyboard to connect to the smart TV. It offers only a USB connection and it provides USB Dongle to connect to the smart TV instantly. The keyboard has a touchpad with separate provisions for left and right mouse click. You can also perform all the basic functions on the touchpad. The keyboard works well with Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Android TV. It has a basic design and it is compact in size. The keyboard can connect to the smart TV within a 10-meter range.

Dell Keyboard

Dell Keyboard - Best Keyboard for Smart TV

Dell wireless keyboard has a simple design and it has all the necessary controls for the smart TV. It has a Bluetooth connection with 2.4 GHz support and it also has a USB dongle to connect to the Smart TV. The Dell keyboard has additional multimedia control keys and many shortcut keys. It has a sleek design for comfortable usage and the keyboard provides the facility to use in any place far from the TV (close to ten m). The Dell keyboard has built the most reliable product with long-lasting life and battery performance. Dell keyboards are considered the best keyboards for Android Smart TVs like Panasonic Smart TV and Sony Smart TV.

Thus, we have discussed the best wireless keyboard for Android TV. The keyboard mostly has a trackpad to provide the functionality of the mouse and few keyboards offer additional keys to move across the smart TV. You can also check our list of best mouses for Smart TV. Tell us your favorite wireless keyboard in the comments section below.