How to Watch AMC on Panasonic Smart TV

AMC on Panasonic Smart TV

If you love movies and series, then think about adding AMC on your TV. Being launched in 2002 as American Movie Classic, the channel mainly focused on streaming movies. However, AMC updated both its style as well as a library with the passage of time. Now, it streams movies and series on a variety of genres that impress the masses. Also, AMC has its own app on multiple platforms. So, let’s add and stream AMC on Panasonic Smart TV.

If we explore the AMC library, we can see a lot of shows from various networks. Some of these networks include Warner Bros, Walt Disney, and Universal Studios. In the AMC app, you can binge-watch episodes of popular shows along with new episodes updated regularly.

Plans on AMC

To unlock the AMC library, you need a TV provider subscription. All you need to do is enter the details of your subscription. Additionally, you can get the AMC subscription for added benefits. 

  • Popular TV providers with AMC include YouTube TV, Philo, Sling TV, and fuboTV.
  • Get an additional AMC Premiere subscription and get rid of the ads on the app.
  • AMC Premiere’s subscription is $4.99 per month. This gives you access to episodes of your favorite shows earlier than others.
  • Also, note that you need a TV provider subscription to use the app. AMC Premiere without the provider subscription is useless.

How to Add AMC on Panasonic Smart TV

#1. Turn on your Panasonic Smart TV and get your home screen.

#2. Launch Google Play Store.

#3. Click on the Search icon and then search for AMC.

#4. From the list of apps on your screen, choose the AMC app icon.

#5. Start downloading the AMC app on your TV.

#6. Open the new AMC app.

#7. Select the Sign In option on the AMC welcome screen.

#8. This gives you the AMC Activation Code on your screen.

#9. From any web browser, go to the AMC activation website.

AMC on Panasonic Smart TV

#10. Type down the Activation Code in the provided space and then click on Submit.

#11. Log In with details of your TV provider.

#12. Start streaming the AMC library on your Panasonic Smart TV.

AMC on Panasonic Smart TV

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Alternative Way to Get AMC on Panasonic Smart TV

#1. Connect your casting device to the same WiFi network as your Panasonic Smart TV.

#2. From the Play Store or App Store, download the AMC app on your device.

#3. Launch the AMC app and then sign in with the credentials of your TV provider account.

#4. Next, open the AMC library and then choose any show that impresses you.

#5. Further, click on the Cast icon on the app screen.

#6. Now, you need to choose your Panasonic Smart TV from the list of devices on your screen.

#7. Now, you can enjoy watching the selected title on your TV.

With either of the above-mentioned methods, you can easily access the mind-blowing AMC library on your TV. If you want to filter off the ads then, get the AMC Premiere subscription as well. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.