How to Stream Adult Swim on Skyworth Smart TV

Adult Swim on Skyworth Smart TV

Adult Swim is an American cable television network founded in 2001. It is a part of Cartoon Network and it airs only at night time. Cartoon Network is used to air adult-based anime series and shows from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. After its success, Cartoon Network developed a separate channel for Adult Swim known by the same name. The most popular shows aired by Adult swim are Rick and Morty and American Dad. You can watch Adult Swim on your Skyworth Smart TV by using the Adult Swim app.

To get access to Adult Swim, you need to have a cable TV subscription account. The popular cable TV providers you can use to get Adult Swim are COX, DirecTV, Optimum, and Spectrum.

Stream Adult Swim on Skyworth Smart TV

Skyworth Smart TV only offers on Android TV-based platforms. So, there is only one way to stream Adult Swim on Smart TV.

How to Stream Adult Swim on Skyworth Smart TV

1. Turn on the Skyworth Smart TV and connect to an internet connection.

2. Open the Google Play Store on your Smart TV.

Open the Google Play Store.

3. Choose the Search icon.

Search for Adult Swim to stream it on Skyworth Smart TV.

4. Select Install to download the Adult Swim app on the Skyworth Android TV.

5. Open the Adult Swim app to get the Activation Code.

6. Go to the Adult Swim activation website and select your device.

Activation Code

7. Enter the Adult Swim Activation Code and click Continue.

Adult Swim on Skyworth Smart TV

8. Now, the Adult Swim app will be activated. Then, stream all the Adult Swim video content on your Smart TV.

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How to Cast Adult Swim on Skyworth Smart TV

1. Connect the Skyworth Smart TV and your smartphone to the same WiFi network.

2. Download the Adult Swim app on your Android mobile from the Play Store.

3. Start streaming your favorite anime content on Adult Swim on your mobile and tap on the Cast icon.

5. Select your Skyworth Smart TV from the list of available devices.

6. Then, the video will be cast Adult Swim on your Smart TV.

These are the steps that you can use to stream Adult Swim on Skyworth TV. Get the Adult Swim app and watch all your favorite anime content. If you have any issues with the Adult Swim app, let us know in the comments section.

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