How to Stream Vudu on Panasonic Smart TV

VUDU on Panasonic Smart TV

Vudu is an app that you must have on your Panasonic Smart TV to watch movies. This American on-demand video streaming platform is owned by Fandango Media under NBCUniversal. Unlike other streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max, Vudu doesn’t charge you with a monthly subscription. On top of that, you can pay for the titles you watch on the app. It provides the buy or rent model for the movies, series, TV shows. . Apart from just movies, you can find fascinating series on the service. There are also ad-based free streaming titles on Vudu as well.

You might be impressed by the big collection of movies and TV shows that Vudu hosts. To add to the beauty of the app, it hosts less popular movies and TV shows in it. You can’t find most of these titles on other streaming platforms. Additionally, it offers films, motion pictures, documentaries, cartoons, music shows, musicals, and anime on the app. The Vudu app also comes with a Kids mode and Parental Control features. It also has a few TV series and movies that are free for streaming with ads.

How to Stream Vudu on Panasonic Smart TV

The Vudu app is available on the Google Play Store to install on the Panasonic Smart TV.

[1] Launch the Panasonic Smart TV and then connect to the internet.

[2] Select the Apps tab and open the Google Play Store from the home screen.

Choose the Google Play Store

[3] Click on the Search tab and search for the Vudu app.

Search for Vudu on Panasonic Smart TV

[4] Select Install to download the Vudu app on the Panasonic Smart TV.

[5] Click Open to launch the Vudu app on the TV and choose the Sign-Up option on your screen

VUDU Sign Up

[6] Type down your details and click on the Browse Vudu option on your screen.

[7] Select Sign In and then enter your account credentials.

VUDU on Panasonic Smart TV

[8] Finally, start streaming your favorite shows from Vudu on your TV.

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Alternative Method to Watch Vudu

You can also stream Vudu on the Panasonic Smart TV by casting from the smartphone app.

[1] Connect both your Panasonic Smart TV and your Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.

[2] Install Vudu on your casting device from the Google Play Store or App Store as necessary.

[3] Launch the Vudu app and then complete the log-in process.

[4] Tap the Cast icon from the top-right corner of the Vudu app.

Click Cast to stream Vudu on Panasonic Smart TV

[5] Select the Panasonic Smart TV to connect and then the app starts casting on your TV.

[6] Further, play any title you love from the app and stream it on your TV.

Therefore, Vudu is a family-friendly streaming app. The Vudu values your money and lets you pay for only what you watch. Most of these titles on Vudu streams are in HD quality. In case of any issues with the Vudu installation, then please specify in the comments section.