How to Watch Newsy on Sharp Smart TV

Newsy on Sharp Smart TV

Most of the news channels we have today give out a biased impression to people. So, we need to be sure about the news channel we choose. Newsy is one of the reliable news channels for you. Newsy was a news service when it was launched in 2008. It was relaunched as an over-the-air broadcast and is owned by EW Scripps Company. With the upgrade, you can install the Newsy app on your Sharp Smart TV.

Newsy streams only in the US and Canada. Newsy will bring you unbiased and uninfluenced news reports. You can update yourself with local and global issues with the Newsy app. Newsy has traversed a long and difficult path to perfection and has been recognized for its efforts.

Add Newsy on Sharp Smart TV

Sharp Smart TV supports either a Roku TV OS or an Android TV OS. So, this section will give you a detailed description of adding Newsy on both of these OS.

How to Add Newsy on your Sharp Roku TV

#1. Turn on your Sharp Roku TV and then connect your WiFi connection.

#2. From the home screen, select the Streaming Channels option.

Newsy on Sharp Smart TV

#3. Choose the search bar and type Newsy.

Roku Search

#4. Choose Newsy from the search results and click on the Add Channel button.

#5. Click on Go to Channel to launch the Newsy app.

#6. Sign in to your account.

#7. Get all the breaking news on your Sharp Roku TV.

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How to Add Newsy on your Sharp Android TV

#1. Turn on your Sharp Android TV and then connect to the internet.

Newsy on Sharp Smart TV

#2. Launch the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

#3. Click on the Search icon and enter Newsy.

#4. Pick up the Newsy app icon from the search results.

#5. Click on the Install button to download the Newsy app on your TV.

#6. Next, click on Open to launch the Newsy app.

#7. Choose and play the news content on your Sharp Android TV.

Newsy on TV

With either of these methods, you can add Newsy to your Sharp Smart TV. With the Newsy app, you can get access to unbiased news coverage on your TV. You can get faster news updates than other networks. Newsy brings to you news reports stating facts not based on opinions and pundits. Experiencing any issues with the Newsy app, let us know in the comments.