How to Find MAC Address on Hisense Smart TV


Quick Tips

  • Get the MAC address of your Hisense Smart TVs in two ways.
  • Android & Google TV: Home Apps Help Settings Network & InternetMAC address.
  • Roku TV: Settings System About or System InfoMAC Address.

MAC (Media Access Control) Address consists of 48 bits and it is the physical address for a device. For Hisense Smart TV, you can get the MAC address from the Settings menu. The device manufacturer primarily assigns the MAC address. MAC Address is responsible for the local identification of the device.

Steps to Find the MAC Address on Hisense Android TV & Google TV

1. Press the Home Button on your Hisense TV remote.

2. Click on Apps and select Help.

3. Go to Status & Diagnosis and choose Network Status and diagnosis option. In some models, go to the Settings option and choose Network & Internet option.

Hisense TV MAC Address

4. On the network status page, choose Hisense TV’s WiFi network.

5. On the next screen, you will see the MAC address and IP address of your TV.

Steps to Find MAC Address on Hisense Roku TV

1. Go to your Hisense Roku TV home screen.

2. Click on the Settings icon and choose System.

3. In the System menu, select About or System info.

Roku TV MAC Address

4. You can find the wired MAC address as well as the wireless MAC address of your Roku TV.


1. What is the difference between a wireless MAC address and an ethernet MAC address?

There is not much of a major difference in wireless and ethernet MAC addresses. Both are the same except with a change in the last digit.

2. Can I change the MAC address?

In Hisense TV, you cannot change the MAC address.

3. How to find the IP address on Hisense Roku TV?

In the System Info screen, you will get the IP address of your Hisense Roku TV.