How to Change Input on Sceptre TV

How to change Input on Sceptre TV

Quick Tips

  • You can change the input on your Scepter TV in different ways.
  • With Remote: Press the Input or Souce button on the remote and choose any available inputs.
  • Without Remote: Tap the S button on the back side to switch between sources on your Sceptre button.

With the multiple HDMI ports on your Smart TVs, you can connect streaming devices and gaming consoles. When working with multiple inputs, you need to switch between inputs. In the Sceptre TV, you can change the input using the remote or by using the physical buttons.

How to Change Input on Sceptre TV With Remote

1: Turn on your Sceptre TV and press the Input or Source button on your TV remote.

Press Source button to open Input section

2: Now you can see the TV inputs display on your screen.

3: Using the Navigational keys, select your input and press the Enter button. Doing this will change the source of your Sceptre TV.

4: If the input you are switching to is 4K-enabled, you can turn on the 4K feature on Sceptre TV.

How to Change Input on Sceptre Android TV

1: Turn on your Sceptre Android TV and press the Home button on the TV remote.

Press Home button to open Input settings on Sceptre TV

2: On the home screen, navigate to the Menu option on the top.

3: Now, select the Input option under the Menu section.

4: Using the navigational keys, select your desired input and press Enter button. The input on your Spectre TV will be changed.

How to Change Input on Sceptre TV without remote

1: Turn on your TV and press the physical Input button at the back of your Sceptre TV. Some Sceptre models replace the Input button with an “S” button.

Press the S button to change input on Sceptre TV

2: Now, you can see the available input options displayed on your TV screen.

3: You can use the Volume and Channel buttons for navigation. With that, you can navigate to the Input you want to switch to.

4: Once navigated to the input, press the Input or S button on the TV to confirm the input.

Alternative Methods to Change Source on Sceptre TV

You can also use your smartphone and other accessories to change the source on your Sceptre TV.

  • You can download the Sceptre TV remote app from the Play Store or the App Store. There are plenty of apps available in the store. Install any one of the apps and change the input easily on your Sceptre TV.
  • You can use the USB port on the back of your TV to connect the mouse to your TV. Then, you can use the mouse pointer to change the input on Sceptre TV.


1. How to fix Sceptre TV changing input on its own?

This is because the Auto Input Change feature is turned on. To turn off this feature, go to Settings → External Inputs → Auto Input Change → Turn off.