How to Add Funimation on Panasonic Smart TV

Funimation on Panasonic Smart TV

Funimation is one of the most loved streaming apps among anime lovers. If you are an anime fan, you already know about the Funimation app. If that is the case with you, this section is a piece of good news for you. We shall discuss in depth the Funimation app and add it to a Panasonic Smart TV. The Funimation app has a lot of cool features that will help to watch animes better. For instance, Funimation supports subtitles in different languages along with dubbed anime series.

Funimation has one of the best collections of animes that you can choose to watch. Some of them include shows like Dragon Ball Z, K, Death Parade, and Attack on Titan. The Funimation app has its own official online merch store from which you can buy figurines and other merch.

Funimation Subscription Plans

Funimation has three different subscription plans for you as follows.

  • Premium Plan: $5.99/mo (59.99/yr)
  • The Premium Plus Plan: $9.99/mo ($79.99/yr)
  • The Premium Plus Ultra Plan: $9.99/mo ($99.99/yr)
  • Get a two-week free trial on all plans.

How to Install Funimation on Panasonic Smart TV

(1). Firstly, turn on your Panasonic Smart TV and then connect to the internet.

Funimation on Panasonic Smart TV

(2). Launch the Google Play Store from your home screen and choose the Search icon.

Funimation on Panasonic Smart TV

(3). Type in Funimation on the search bar.

(4). Choose the Funimation app from the search results.

(5). Next, click on the Install button.

(6). Select Open to launch the Funimation app.

(7). Click on the Sign In option and then enter your Funimation Account Credentials.

(8). Browse through the app library and start streaming the Funimation videos on your TV.

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How to Cast Funimation on Panasonic Smart TV

(1). Connect both your Android smartphone and your Panasonic Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

(2). Install the Funimation app on your Android device from the Play Store.

(3). Launch the Funimation app and then complete the sign-in procedures.

(4). On the Funimation app, choose any video to stream after browsing the app library.

(5). Tap on the Cast icon.

(6). Choose your Panasonic Smart TV from the list of devices.

(7). Watch all of your favorite anime from the app on your TV.

Either of the two methods given above will help you watch Funimation on your Panasonic Smart TV. The Funimation app lets you create the playlists of your favorite shows. If you have any issues with the Funimation app, let us know in the comments below.