What is Clean View on Samsung Smart TV

How to enable Clean View on Samsung TV

Quick Tips

  • Clean View removes digital and analog noise from your Samsung TV screen.
  • Analog Clean View: MenuSettingsPicturePicture OptionsAnalog Clean ViewOn.
  • Digital Clean View: HomeSettingsPictureExpert SettingsDigital Clean ViewAuto.

Recently, many TV brands have been adding new features to improve picture and video quality. On Samsung Smart TV, you can experience a crystal-clear view from an image by using the Clean View feature. The Clean View feature prevents the users from unwanted noise, which affects the picture quality. It filters the source signal received on your Samsung Smart TV and removes all the unnecessary information from the image.

Features of Clean View

  •  Clean View removes the digital and analog noise to improve picture quality.
  •  There are two separate options to enable Clean View in the Picture menu.
            1. Digital Clean View.
            2. Analog Clean View.
  •  The function of Clean View is slightly similar to Digital Noise Filter.

How to Enable Clean View on Samsung TV

Clean View is one of the best picture settings on Samsung Smart TV to improve the viewing experience. You can enable this feature manually in the Settings menu.

Enabling Analog Clean View

If you’re using the F Series Samsung models, you can enable the Analog Clean View feature to enhance your image quality.

[1] Launch your Samsung TV and press the Menu button on your remote control.

[2] Open the Settings menu.

[3] Select the Picture option and click Enter.

Select Picture

[4] Scroll down and click Picture Options on the right side.

Click Picture Options

[5] Now, select Analog Clean View under the Picture option.

Select Analog Clean View

[6] After that, go to the On option and press the Enter button to enable Analog Clean View on your Samsung Smart TV.

Turn On Analog Clean View on Samsung TV

Enabling Digital Clean View on Samsung TV

If you’re using Series 6 4K UHD or QLED Samsung models, like Samsung QN32LS03BB, you can enable the Digital Clean View option to intensify the picture quality.

[1] Press the Home button on your Samsung’s OneRemote control.

Press the Home button

[2] Navigate the Settings menu.

[3] Choose the Picture option.

Choose Picture

[4] Scroll down and select Expert Settings.

Select Expert Settings

[5] Now, select the Digital Clean View option.

Select Digital Clean View

[6] If the Digital Clean View is turned off, change the option to Auto.

change option to Auto

[7] This will enable the Clean View feature.

[8] Now, you will get crisp images on your Samsung TV.


1. Should the Digital Clean View be on or off?

Digital Clean View will enhance the picture quality. If you are watching any low-quality videos, you need to turn on the feature to get better video quality. For 4K and UHD videos, you can turn off the feature.

2. How to fix the blurry screen on Samsung Smart TV?

To fix the blurry screen, you can change the resolution on Samsung TV.