How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Philips Smart TV

BBC iPlayer on Philips Smart TV

Are you missing out on your favorite British shows on your Philips Smart TV? Then, this section is dedicated for you as we discuss the BBC iPlayer app. This streaming service from BBC has both live TV as well as on-demand titles. Therefore, you can consider BBC iPlayer to be a complete entertainer app. The BBC iPlayer app keeps you thrilled with its cool titles. So, in this section, let’s explore more about the BBC iPlayer app and how to add it to the Philips Smart TV.

BBC iPlayer also has its share of sports, music, drama, documentaries, and more streaming in the app. Also, you can watch them on-demand at your convenient time. The BBC iPlayer app also has content for your kids.

Add BBC iPlayer on Philips Smart TV

Philips Smart TV supports both an Android TV OS as well as a Roku OS. In this section, let’s find out how to add BBC iPlayer on both of these.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on Philips Android TV

#1 Turn on your Philips Android TV and then connect to your WiFi.

BBC iPlayer on Philips Smart TV

#2 Launch the Google Play Store from the home screen.

BBC iPlayer on Philips Smart TV

#3 Search for the BBC iPlayer app.

#4 Pick up the BBC iPlayer app icon from your app search suggestions.

#5 To download the BBC iPlayer app, click on the Install button.

#6 Wait for the download of the BBC iPlayer app to complete.

#7 Launch the BBC iPlayer app on your TV.

#8 Sign in to the app with the credentials of your BBC iPlayer account.

#9 Start streaming your favorite shows from the app on your TV.

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How to Add BBC iPlayer on Philips Roku TV

#1. Turn on your Philips Roku TV and then connect to your WiFi.

#2. Select the Streaming Channels option from your home screen.

Roku Streaming Channels

#3. Click on the Search Channel option.

#4. Type in BBC iPlayer in the search bar and then search for the app.

Roku Search channel

#5. Pick up the BBC iPlayer app icon from the search results.

#6. Select the Add Channel option and start downloading the app.

#7. Wait for the channel to install on your Smart TV.

#8. Click on the Go to Channel option to launch the BBC iPlayer app.

#9 Start watching live TV or on-demand titles from BBC iPlayer on your TV.

You can add BBC iPlayer to your Philips Smart TV in any of these two methods. The BBC iPlayer app lets you add your favorite shows to your playlist. So, you can stream all your favorite titles without missing them. If you have streaming issues with the BBC iPlayer app, let us know in the comments.