How to Update TCL Smart TV Firmware [4 Methods]

How to Update TCL Smart TV

TCL has been manufacturing TVs for a long time. They have been upgrading their TV to the latest hardware and software. After the revolution of smart TVs, TCL started manufacturing new models with plenty of features. TCL Smart TV allows you to install various apps to stream live TV shows, movies, and plenty of on-demand videos. Like all smart devices, you have to update your TCL smart TV whenever you get a new update. By updating the firmware, you can get new features and reduced bugs.

How to Update TCL Smart TV?

TCL Smart TV runs on two different OS:

  1. Android
  2. Roku

The updating process varies for each OS. Follow the steps below to update your software depending on the OS.

How to Update TCL Roku TV?

If you are updating your TCL Roku TV, then follow the below steps. You can either update it online or download the software and update it via a USB drive.

Method 1: Update Via Web

1. Turn on your TCL TV.

2. Check whether your TV is connected to the Internet.

3. Now from your Roku home screen, navigate to the Settings.

TCL TV home screen

4. On the Settings screen, click System.

5. Choose System Update. The System Update screen will display the current update and the last update date.

System Update

6. Click Check Now to check for the available updates.

Check Updates for TCL Smart TV

7. If there is a new update then it will be downloaded and installed on your TV automatically.

8. Now the TV will reboot itself.

After updating, your TV will turn on with the latest software.

Method 2: Update Via USB Flash

1. Go to on your computer web browser.

2. Select your TV brand as TCL.

3. On your Roky TV, go to Settings >System > About and find out the Roku TV model.

4. Type your Roku TV model and click Next.

Update via Flash drive

5. Click Download Software.

Download latest update software

6. The file will be downloaded on your computer.

  • To extract files on Windows PC
    • Open the Download Folder.
    • Locate the downloaded folder.
    • Right-click and choose Extract Now.
    • Select the extract path and click Extract.
  • To extract files on Mac
    • Click on Go in the Menu bar and choose Downloads.
    • Double-click on the folder you downloaded.
    • Its contents will be extracted from the folder.

7. Extract and copy the file to a USB.

8. Turn on your TV and insert the USB.

9. From TV home screen, go to Settings > System > System Update.

10. Click “I Can’t Connect“. A 12 digit code will appear on your TV after checking USB drive for the file.

11. Again go to on your computer web browser.

12. Choose your TV brand, then provide the TV model details.

13. Click Confirm and I already have it.

Update TCL Roku TV

14. Enter the 12 digit code shown on the TV screen.

Update TCL Roku TV

15. You will receive a 6 digit code once after confirmation.

16. Type the code on your TCL TV.

17. A new update will be installed on your Roku automatically.

18. Now the Roku device will Reboot itself.

The above are the two different methods to update your TCL Roku Smart TV.

How to Update TCL Android TV?

Just like your Roku TCL TV, you can update TCL Android TV either using the Network or go for a local update as well.

Method 1: Network Update TCL Android TV

1. Turn on your TCL Android TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Navigate to the Settings screen from the Android TV home screen.

3. Select Device Preferences. Scroll down and choose About.

4. Now choose System Update.

5. Choose Network Update from the pop-up menu.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update. Ensure not to turn off your TV until the installation is done.

Method 2: Local Update TCL Android TV

1. Go to from your computer browser.

2. Download the latest software version for your TCL Android TV.

3. The file will be downloaded on your computer. Extract the file.

4. Now copy the file to a USB.

5. Connect the USB to your TV.

6. From your Android TV home screen, go to Settings.

7. Select Device Preferences > About > Software Update.

8. Click on the Local Update button.

9. TV will automatically start to validate and find the update file.

10. Click OK on the pop-up prompt.

11. Wait for 10-15 minutes until the update completes. Now your TV will restart.

With the above two methods, your TCL Android TV will update to its latest firmware.

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It is always important to update your TCL Smart TV to the latest version. By updating the software, you can enjoy streaming with new features and addons. All new updates will remove the bugs from your previous version. Therefore, ensure that your TV is updated to the latest version. If you are facing any issues while updating, then comment in the below section.