How to Turn on Vizio Smart TV Without Remote

Turn on Vizio Smart TV without Remote

Vizio Smart TV is an astonishing smart TV with Dolby Vision, and it is supported by Quantum Colors to display bright & clear streaming. The interface is easy and intuitive for seamless streaming. It has its own app store for installing the app, and it is known as Vizio Store. You can also control the smart TV bypassing the need for the remote. Let’s see how to turn on Vizio Smart TV without a Remote.

Turn on Vizio Smart TV without Remote

The Vizio Smart TV can also be turned on without the help of a remote. It could be helpful in case of breakage of remote, weak batteries. There is a good probability for the occurrence of the above reasons.

Using Physical Buttons

You can turn on the Vizio Smart TV using the physical buttons. The button of the smart TV is placed at the backside of the TV. Hold the Power button on the Vizio Smart TV to turn it on.

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Using Smartphone App

Vizio Smart TV has a dedicated smartphone app to control the TV remotely. It removes the requirement of a remote for streaming movies on TV.

(1). Download and install the Vizio SmartCast Mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store on the Android Phone or iPhone, respectively.

Vizio SmartCast

(2). Launch the Vizio SmartCast app on your smartphone and tap Devices.

(3). Click Add and pair to the Vizio Smart TV in case if it is the first time.

(4). Select Control in the Vizio SmartCast app and choose the TV.

(5). Tap Remote at the bottom and click the Power button to turn on the Vizio TV.

Tap the Power button

Thus, the Vizio Smart TV can be turned on without the remote using physical buttons or the smartphone app. It is always better to have a secondary way to control the TV effective running. The app also helps in typing the content name in the search quickly than using the remote. In case of any issues and suggestions with the above methods, then please do let us know in the comments section.