How to Watch HBO Max on Philips Smart TV

HBO Max is the new streaming app for HBO content which is a part of WarnerMedia. It has movies, series, TV shows, Documentaries, and many more. HBO Max can be watched on Toshiba Smart TV, Philips Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, and more.

HBO Max plans to release new movies on the same day as the theatrical release, and the interface is user-friendly for a smooth streaming experience. The content library has a huge collection of 10,000+ hours of content, including the most famous Friends, GOT, The Dark Knight, and The Big Bang Theory. It offers special playlists for kids, and you can download the contents for streaming anywhere, any time.

Before the launch of HBO Max, HBO has two different apps, HBO GO and HBO NOW. HBO GO is a TV everywhere app, whereas HBO NOW is a standalone subscription app. Both the HBO NOW and HBO GO apps were available on the Philips Smart TV. And in May 2020, HBO combined these two services and launched the HBO Max app.

Get HBO Max on Philips Smart TV

Philips Smart TV runs on two operating systems, Android OS and Roku OS. HBO Max is accessible in Google Play Store and Roku Channel Store.

How to Watch HBO Max on Philips Android TV

(1). Launch Philips Android TV and connect to the internet.

(2). Go to Apps on the home screen and tap Google Play Store.

HBO Max on Philips Smart TV

(3). Select the Search icon at the top left corner.

Select Search icon

(4). Type HBO Max or HBO Max på in the search and choose it from the options.

HBO Max on Philips Smart TV

(5). Click Install to install the HBO Max and select Open to launch the app.

(6). Choose Sign In, and an Activation code is displayed.

(7). Go to the HBO Max site through a smartphone or PC.

(8). Enter the Activation Code and click Next.

Enter the activation code

(9). Sign in to your HBO Max account and stream the contents on Philips Smart TV.

How to Download HBO Max on Philips Roku TV

(1). Turn on Philips Roku TV and press the home button on the remote.

(2). Scroll down and select Streaming Channels in the menu.

HBO Max on Philips Smart TV

(3). Click Search Channels in the Channel Store.

(4). Search for HBO Max and select it from the list.

(5). Click Add Channel to install the HBO Max app on your Philips Roku TV and tap OK in the prompt.

(6). Select Go to Channel to launch HBO Max, and an Activation code appears on the TV screen.

(7). Visit the HBO Max site on any browser using a smartphone or PC.

(8). Type the code and tap Next.

(9). Login with the HBO Max Account credentials.

(10). Choose the HBO Max content and stream it on Philips TV.

HBO Max Not Working on Philips Smart TV

HBO Max is one of the most-used streaming apps in the world. With that huge traffic, the HBO Max app on your Philips Smart TV may not work properly. The video in the HBO Max app will buffer, the search option may not work, and other similar issues. If you have any issues, follow the below solution to fix the error in the HBO Max app.

  • Check your internet connection. The recommended internet speed to stream HBO Max is 5 Mbps for HD streaming and 25 Mbps for 4K HDR streaming. Make sure your internet meets the requirements.
  • If your Philips TV runs on Saphi OS, you can’t install the HBO Max app as it is not available for Saphi OS models.
  • Log out of your HBO Max account and sign in again.
  • Uninstall the HBO Max on your Philips TV and install it again.
  • Try updating the HBO Max app from the Play Store or Roku Channel Store.
  • Update your Philips Smart TV and try again.
  • Restart your Philips TV.

HBO Max is an amazing app for binge-watching series on weekends. It provides content for streaming for free, and the contents are Titians, Young Justice, Warrior, Love Life, Veneno, etc. Subscribe to HBO Max to watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League on your Philips Smart TV.


1. How do I get HBO Max on my Philips Smart TV?

You can get the HBO Max app on your Philips TV from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Why isn’t HBO Max working on my Philips Smart TV?

There are chances that you are using the older version of the HBO Max app. Try updating the apps on Philips TV and use the HBO Max app.