How to Use Filmmaker Mode Samsung TV

Filmmaker mode on Samsung TV enables a more cinematic experience on UHD models. The Filmmaker Mode is available on LG Smart TV, Hisense Smart TV, and Samsung Smart TV. The Filmmaker Mode on Samsung smart TV is used to smooth the frame transitions while watching video content on streaming apps like Netflix and Disney Plus.

If you are watching movies and series on your Samsung Smart TV, it is best to enable the Filmmaker Mode. In the Filmmaker Mode, you will get minute shades and picture adjustments that are not available in the other picture modes.

Compatible Samsung TVs

The Filmmaker mode is available on the following QLED and Crystal 4K UHD TVs.

Filmmaker mode compatible Samsung TVs


  • Samsung QN90A NEO QLED
  • Samsung QN85A NEO QLED
  • Samsung QN80A NEO QLED
  • Samsung Q80A NEO QLED
  • Samsung Q70A NEO QLED
  • Samsung Q60A NEO QLED
  • Samsung The Frame

Crystal 4K UHD

  • Samsung AU8000 Crystal UHD
  • Samsung TU7000 Crystal UHD
  • Samsung TU9010 Crystal UHD

What Does Filmmaker Mode on Samsung TV Do

The Filmmaker mode in Samsung smart TV is not a proprietary feature. It is the work of the UHD Alliance, a group that provides information on premium UHD devices and delivers best-in-class home entertainment.

Filmmaker mode on Samsung TV

The Filmmaker Mode enables you to watch the movie in your desired style and way. It eliminates all the in-unit-post-processing and achieves the best cinematic look possible. Filmmaker Mode is not enabled by default. To enable the Filmmaker mode, you need to select it from the Settings menu.

How to Enable Filmmaker Mode on Samsung TV

[1] Go to the Samsung Smart TV Menu.

[2] On the main menu, open the Picture menu.

Open Picture on Menu

[3] Go to the Picture Options.

Press the Picture Options

[4] Choose the Film Mode option.

Select the Film Mode

[5] On Film Mode, you have three options.

  • Off: Turns off Film mode.
  • Auto 1: Applies the Film Mode option to the entire screen.
  • Auto 2: Applies the Film mode option to the portion of the picture that is in 3:2 pulldown.
Choose Auto 1 or Auto 2 to enable Filmmaker mode on Samsung TV

[6] Choose any of the Auto options to enable Film Mode on Samsung TV.

In the latest models of Samsung Smart TVs, you can enable the Filmmaker Mode in the Quick Settings menu. Go to the Quick Settings menu and tap the Picture Mode option. The mode on your Samsung TV will vary one by one. Choose the Filmmaker mode.

Filmmaker Mode Content

Filmmaker mode can work with content sources like Blu-ray content, streaming app content, or any broadcasts. Remember that, Filmmaker Mode works well with HD TVs and 4K TVs. It is a great feature for all movie fans, you can view the movie in the cinematic experience.


1. What picture mode is best for Samsung TV?

Choose Movie Picture mode, it is the most accurate one and allows for most customization for Picture Settings on Samsung TV. In the expert settings menu, you can leave the contrast at ’45 brightness at ‘0. The color default value of ’25 and tint (G/R) at ‘0.

2. What’s the difference between Cinema Mode and Filmmaker Mode?

Filmmaker Mode or Cinema Mode may deliver the same accuracy, but Filmmaker mode goes by disabling the extra processing in your TV that can take away the film-like quality of the image on the screen.